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Things are never so bad they couldn't be worse

From: Neil
Date: 1/22/01
Time: 8:13:19 PM


You want to read something scary? Go to cyclingnews.com and under the NEWS sections find the links to the Montana and Texas proposed laws. Texas wants to make illegal riding more then single file on a roadway and not allow any groups of cyclist greater then two on any "farm to market" road, which is what all of ours are! And one more thing, all bikes must be equiped with a slowmoving vehicle emblem to ride on any road!! Montana, being even more progressive, has introduced a bill that would force cyclist to ride against the flow of traffic when outside the city limits. This makes for some real convoluted regulations for making right hand turns. I won't give all the details, but it envolves dismounting and walking across the street! Those of you that vote Republican, remember these are your fellow party members!

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