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Ride and Race Reimbursement

        With the Club coffers full, we have some exciting news that should give you some incentive to participate in cycling tours and races.

        If you plan to ride in a charity type tour (example: The MS 150 Yak to Sac and Back), the club will pay $25.00 to your pledge sheet. This offer is only valid for one tour a year. So if you plan to do more, you're on your own after that. Advance notice for your pledge is mandatory so we can appropriate the funds either to you or directly to the charity if a large number of Chinookers participate.

        As far as race reimbursement goes, it will be the same as in years past. $1500.00 will be set aside and a complicated formula will be used to allocate funds to racers. You need to record the event, fee, and placing to be eligible for reimbursement. Send you results to the club post office box each month, or bring it to the club meeting.

        The most important requirement for these querks, is to wear your Chinook Club jersey. We have many gracious sponsors that like the exposure.